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MEG Tools User Manual       2006       

MEG Imaging

and Data Visualization software

Demonstration Data 4D/BTi 2006    

Platform Presentations

SCD link to Migraine                     2004




BIOMAG2014  Brain connectivity Measures Zillgitt


ISACM 2013 Choral Speech effects on stuttering  Bowyer


IEC 2013 What can Epileptologists expect from MEG for Language Bowyer


STEM 2013 Physics helps solve medical mysteries  Bowyer


ACNS & ACMEGS 2012  InfraSlow Activity in Epilepsy  Bowyer


ISACM 2011 Language  Bowyer


BIOMAG2008 Tinnitus Bowyer


MSHA 2008   Neuroimaging Speech and Language with MEG and fMRI Bowyer


ISACM 2007 

Coherence and Language Mapping Bowyer

MEG study of Stroke  Barkley

Low frequency MEG studies SCD and Migraine  Bowyer


4D Neuroimaging User Group Meeting 2007

Language Laterality Bowyer

MEG Auxiliary files  8-7-2020

Now includes the import

for RICOH, CTF, Elekta/MEGIN

as well as

4D-Neuroimaging/BTi  Data